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General Questions

SERVUNTO™ enables business process automation through digital processing. Once you sign-up, the plaforms's main objective is to adapt all major business functions of your organisation, and quickly enable them for you. Through it's customisable features via Master-Settings, it allows quick adaption and easy roll-out.
SERVUNTO™ provides a complete digital eco-system for the entire company functions. This includes Web-based Admin Panels for Back-end/Admin operations, Web-based easy-to-use applications for staff and integrated Mobile Applications for multiple functions. This enables consolidated View for management, enabling improvement in efficiency and productivity.
Upon Sign-up, an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) would be signed between the parties and thereafter existing Data/Information is studied by our data expert teams.
For migrating data from standards based systems, we would deploy our migration service tools to import data into platform products, and start running in parallel to existing systems for few days. After satisfactory results we could shift our operations completely.
Appropriate plugins would be deployed to take in existing data and system is braught Live. The actual time taken for this excercise may differ from case to case, though we have existing plugins as data-readers and processors.
Data security is implemented at multiple layers. For critical data components, Industry standard data encryption techniques are applied at data-storage layer, so that information remains secure to the hands where it is meant to be. Backend Users (even with Admin access rights) won't be able to read through information that comes encrypted via application layer.
At application layer, information is processed using secret keys and encryption techniques so that data is not exposed at middle-ware layer as well.
Apart from information flowing over Secure sockets layer, application also implements multiple steps at the coding level also.
The platform builds and operates on the virtual bouquet of services created for each company and data across company is neither accessible nor readable. Within the company, information is accessible as per User-Role allocated to the logged-In user, by the Administrator of your company.
Third-party systems can be integrated via API (Application Programming Interface) methods and integration modules. SERVUNTO™ uses industry standard interfaces to work smoothly with other systems. An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) would be signed between the parties and thereafter existing systems would be studied by our solutions expert team, for preparation of appropriat APIs.
This can be done. An exclusive NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) would be signed between the parties involved, and installation can be carried out at your corporate Intranet. You will have to invest in providing all basic infrastrure requirements like Server machines along with system software. Our experts team shall handle everything for you.
The basic features implemented in the software would be there. On top of that, if you need to customize or add functionalities as per your business process needs, we shall do that as well, with marginal cost to you. The timelines for such development would be provided seperately.

Services Related Questions

SERVUNTO™ currently covers functions like Employees Information Processing System, Inventory Management, Service Management, Billing System, Integrated Financial Accounting System, Customer Relationship Management System, Business Lead Management System, Corporate Projects Management, Assets Management System and provides a consilidated view to management.
We provide dedicated service support to our customers to ensure their success. A team of support engineers / product experts is available to assist you in any kind of operational issues. Initial days may require some hand-holding, and we do ensure that.
We would be available to our customers through multiple communication channels like dedicated Phone service, Email exchange, Text Chat and Video conferences wherever required.

Products Related Questions

Any set of product(s) can be chosen to be used for your organization, unless there are dependencies on other internal products, for instance Billing module is dependent on Financial System, Inventory module, whereas few products could be chosen independently as Customer Relationship Management system, Telecom systems, Asset management system etc.
All products have been conceptualized, designed and developed from the year 2016 only, and as such we had an opportunity to use latest available technology stacks. These technologies allowed us to make our products have good UIs that operate smoothly on all devices, have scalable design patterns inducted, great deal of cloud design patterns, and lot more.
Increased user traffic is managed by elastic computing technology on Cloud. Appropriate load-balancers come in handy to spread traffic across machines.
Products have a USP of integration of standard technologies. Platform provides multiple useful functionalities, strong communication channels, extremely simple configuration and operations, coupled with advanced analytics. All are integrated within the same dashboard panel, to give our customers better operational control and facilitate faster management decisions. No need to go to multiple vendors.
The system has a built-in Data Analytics tool for analysing business data and provides multiple views at different levels. This tool has constantly been upgraded to include complex business scenarios.